Fear, Loathing and Paintbrushes…pt.3

I know it has been a little while since my last post. I am learning that in blog world a day can be an eternity. Sounds almost Biblical! I wanted to finish the last part of my three part series on the things that have changed my life up to this point since my wife and I realized we were having a child. I began with a look at the fears I have experience and took a small amount of time to consider some feelings I had when I realized we were having a son but now I turn to a slightly sweeter moment in my life. I would like to give a brief warning….this post is about to get overly romantic and a bit sappy…..if you ch0ose to read on…

You have been warned!!

3. Paintbrushes:

I have heard my whole life about people, “Falling in love again.” This concept has always been weird to me because I have never felt like I was falling out. I get that my wife and I are young and have been married only a short amount of time but honestly I pray I never wake up one day and think….., “sure am glad I wont be around her today.” Our marriage has been really easy because I have learned to say what I like to call the, “Happy Wife,” phrases. This is because everyone knows if the wife is happy, the world is happy, or at least I am! The phrases are: “Yes dear, you are right,” and “Sweetie, of course I want to do __________.” (I inserted a blank because you never know what the wifey will ask you to do!) Anyways, life has not always been easy but our relationship has been and I sincerely thank God for that. That being stated something happened recently that changed my life. I saw my wife in a new light and completely fell for her all over again.

It happened on Labor Day. Andrea (whom I call Drea!) wanted to paint Eli’s room. Now I know what your thinking…shouldn’t you rest on Labor Day. I thought the same thing….I will refer you back to happy wife phrase two and ask you to insert…..“paint Eli’s room on a holiday!” I must admit I tried to get out of it by claiming stores wouldn’t be open…Drea checked…I lost… we painted. Painting the walls in our house requires special brushes and upper body strength. I can assure you I have at least half of that equation. So it takes a lot of work to paint our walls. This means that it also takes longer and provides more time to talk. I do not remember when it occurred but sometime while we were painting Drea and I began to dream about the little baby that would soon be, “sleeping,” in the room. While my wife was sharing her heart about being a mom and wanting to see Eli become a man of God, something happened….I fell in love…again. I can not explain it in words. I just stood there watching her paint and was reminded of how blessed I am. Andrea went from a beautiful woman of God to a beautiful mommy to be! The very thought of her helping me raise Eli makes my heart smile. I am reminded constantly of how gracious God is to have handed me such a gift. I know I can not imagine what life will be like in a few weeks. I cant fathom the fear and joy I will experience when I hold Eli in my arms for the first time. I have no idea what I will think as I see Eli begin to imitate us but I do know that I look forward to facing all the challenges that he brings with my wife. My beautiful, sincere, caring, loving, tendure, affectionate and did I say beautiful wife!

Here are some pictures of our hard work!

2 thoughts on “Fear, Loathing and Paintbrushes…pt.3

  1. That made me cry. That is so sweet. 🙂 I know that y’all will make wonderful parents and I’m so glad that little Eli is going to enter the world with such loving and caring parents. He could not have better parents. I’m very very excited for you two!

    1. Lauren you are too kind. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I look forward to when you get to meet our little pumpkin. Maybe he will learn to spell better than his Pops!

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