Just Another, “Man-Bag Monday”

Since starting a blog I have been considering different ways to express what how I feel and have decided to take up sharing some potential rants now and again. These rants I have decided to call, “Man-Bag Monday.”

If you have known me for any extended period of time then you have probably seen me with my infamous, “Man-bag.” What is so funny about said bag is that I get a lot of comments, mainly from guys and teenage girls, about it being a, “Man-Purse,” or as some may call it a, “Murse.” This egregious and false belief has to be corrected all the time. It is way to big to be a murse and is more closely related to the satchel or messenger bag used in the old west. Needless to say, I get comments and have to defend myself…continually. Eventually I get tired of all the comments and just rant and rave for a moment about people’s inability to see the difference between a murse and a man-bag. The ranting is normally quick and simple, the release is somewhat cathartic and then I move on…..it is becuase of the joy I get from my rants I decided to add a small side project to my blog I like to call, “Man-Bag-Monday!”

So here is the deal….I will deep inside my man-bag for a moment and share my thoughts, you can take a moment to read them and comment and then we will get over this great and mighty, “Man-Bag Monday!”

Here goes…

My first rant is against myself and my inability to keep a Man-Card

I have tried for a long time to have a well used and full Man Card  but around ever corner I seem to get man points taken away. Take for instance this weekend. The whole family was in for baby showers. My job was to entertain the menfolk while the women were opening baby stuff. I had it all planned out. We sat, talked in short sentences, made grunting noises and watched LSU play football. It was glorious. It was supposed to be topped off with a nice grilled burger and a game of cards at a friends house. What happened was disastrous. First of all the women returned before I thought they would. This meant that I would be grilling for a multitude. As Drea and I scrambled to get the burgers ready I noticed that they were not cooking. I looked down to see that the flame was very small, weak, feeble and soon, not there at all. In esscense….my gas ran out. FAIL The soulution was simple… my wife grilled man burgers over the stove. Man-points deducted.

The second great debacle of the man-card came when I was asked to put together the pack and play. I pulled the monstrous pile of stuff out of this little box only to discover I had no idea how to put it together. Everyone had an opininon about how to work the thing but no one wanted to help. In FACT what they wanted to do was laugh video, and threatened my ability to be a dad if I couldnt get it together. Needless to say I completed the task. I slammed my hands in triumph as everyone laughed and giggled. I then paradaed my fine work around for all to see.

It would seem that I need to tear up what left I have of my man-card and trade it in for something a little more suitable. Like a, “My Little Pony.”

So what did I learn this weekend? To keep my man-card I have to first…..Have a Lot of Gas and second…well I have no words of wisdom about putting together things because I should have read the directions!

and that’s my rant on this, “Man-Bag-Monday!”

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