Sweet Nothing

For those of you who do not know it….not only am I a blogger but before blogging I was a once published poet. Actually one poem was published in a college journal and I didn’t even like the one they picked. I know, I know….your not impressed. Hold your finger snaps….okay let’s move on.

Anyways, I was looking over my old failed attempts at blogging and ran across some poems. I have decided to slowly begin to repost them ever so often just to keep things fresh.

Tell me what you think……


Softly and tenderly
sweet nothing is calling
not to home but far abroad
promising gold but giving glitter
promising love but leaving void
empty I feel and pain I know
from my choice
my fault
my temptation
I become

Softly and tenderly
sweet nothing is calling
not to safety but to a fire
offering peace but providing chaos
offering grace but breaking my back

stoic I stare into the deep chasm
from which I must leave
to go somewhere
to anywhere
to my mind
I run from

Softly and painfully
sweet reality knocks
not to comfort but to enlighten
promising truth and proving sound
promising strength and holding firm

secure I lay upon a rock
that holds me
pardons me
supports me
and my rest

Softly and tenderly
sweet nothing is calling
not to pass but to fail
exposing cross-dressed lies
that paint color where skin should be
now I see
the broken
the pale
the wretched


I use to be

Softly and tenderly
sweet redemption is calling
not by pain but through grace
providing freedom and swelling my eyes
providing newness and wiping them away
tired I fall by revelation deeper than time

to my knees

on my hands

my face kisses the earth


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