Life is Not a Joke….Seriously!

So it’s Monday and that means its time for, “Man-Bag Monday!’ for this weeks time of ranting and raving I would like to share an incident I experienced last thursday.

On thursday  mornings I meet up with my students for a thing we call, “Bible-4-Breakfast.” To be honest it is more breakfast than Bible. It is really just a cheap reason to spend more time with my students and speak some truth into their lives…hopefully. While our Bible study is going on there are students all around us. They are doing many productive things such as illegally smoking (I think they are cigarets but…sometimes…I am not so sure), being loud, playing on laptops and well… being teenagers. This provides a great atmosphere for healthy and productive Bible study!

The incedent occured while leaving. I have chosen to edit the language so that people like my mommy will not have to buy me a bar of soap!

I am walking out with a few of my students that I bus to another high school and I just happen to walk through one of the most enlightening bits of conversation I have ever heard. One young man, who appears to be about 15, but then again without a beard I would too, is sharing his thoughts on his friend who is now pregnant. The thought was deep and profound. He stated that he hoped that, due to the fact that the girl is short, that the baby wont kill her when it comes out. The deeply enlightened teenagers began to laugh and then a young lady (I use the word loosely) states that she didnt have an issue with the girl having sex but rather her being so, “stupid,” as to go and get pregnant.

I guess the girl should quit hanging out with the Stork. That guy is nothing but trouble.

This child, this life  was/is  ONE BIG JOKE to them.

Have you ever seen the Incredible Hulk?!?!? If I would not have been walking with students I may have turned green. I was livid. Is this really the sign of the next generation? Have we allow our teenagers to become so desensitized that life has no more value than a common joke? I know that it would be easy to blame our entertainment raised society, which is extremely valid but I think it is much deeper. Something has happened at the core of humanity when we are not teaching the sanctity and value of life.  This young lady is now carrying a human being that SHE is responsible to raise. Her life is now FOREVER changed. It is no laughing matter.

So I am offering some thoughts on combatting this issue:

  1. Lock ALL children away until they are 25 and then only let them see daylight for an hour a day until they are 35.
  2. Become Amish
  3. Remove all media from the home and only allow coloring books with pictures of ponies and horseys!
  4. Arranged Marriages

On  a serious note:

  1. Embrace a Biblical view of life. Some basics…..its a GIFT from God who fastens all children in the wombs of their mothers and has a plan and a purpose for them. This means that NO child is a JOKE!
  2. Create a dialogue  – we must begin to engage people in conversations about more important topics than Glee and Xbox.
  3. Teach Responsibility – I can not speak to the conversation I overheard but many people in our society learn from a young age that there are no consequences.

I know that my options are a big vague and you are thinking…..I have a better idea than that…great…share it…comment…let me know…let’s dialogue!

And that’s my rant on this, “Man-Bag Monday”

9 thoughts on “Life is Not a Joke….Seriously!

  1. It is really sad. There are so many people that I graduated with and younger than I am and they are having kids. Most of these babies aren’t planned, and the teenagers aren’t ready. (I would NOT be ready to have a kid now, or in high school!)

    I think people now-a-days don’t take responsibility. Another word that most people don’t understand is the word COMMITMENT. If there was commitment, then people could wait to have sex until after they’re married, stop messing around with whoever pays the most attention to them, and be responsible.

    With commitment, the divorce rate would drop. I’ve been learning about cohabitation in my parenting and also in my adult development class at school, and it’s a common thing now to just live with someone you “love” and not make the commitment to get married.

    But The Word that people need to know is Jesus Christ, maybe then they can understand that Jesus paid the price for them, and their babies.

    I’m not saying that everyone who has a baby out of wedlock is going to hell, but that there are some, like you told us earlier, that don’t care what happens to a new life coming into the world, and they need Jesus.

    1. Lauren you make a great point. I just wonder if there is something deeper here. I agree that we need to be teaching and showing the love of Christ but there is a cultural belief that we are also fighting against. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. I feel that it is so much about the responsibility. I am certainly not condoning sex out of wedlock, but at least if you take that road, make sure that you are ready for anything that comes of it. I think that is what kills me the most. I have heard people say “well I wasn’t trying to get pregnant” and I’m thinking, What did you think sex was meant for? I really just feel like a lot of teenagers today are not growing up knowing the same responsibilities that I did….and I’M NOT THAT OLD!!!! How did it change so quickly?

    1. Responsibility is a huge deal. Sadly there is a lack of accepting any responsibility at all. I am buffaloed as to when this descent into madness occurred where we can do whatever we want and whenever we want and the consequences mean nada!
      Thanks for your comments.

  3. My original thought on this was the song, “Jesus Loves Me”! And in that song is the way we begin teaching and helping our children to understand their own worth. Self worth engenders the strength and the belief that it is okay to “just say NO!” and not worry about what others think; that you might not fit in with the “in” crowd if you don’t along with what everyone else is doing. Also, I think that we descended into the lack of accepting responsibility when we became a psycho-babble (for want of a better term) society that has created an environment where it is NOT okay to punish your child. Sometimes a good ole paddle on the fanny is just what it takes to help a child understand certain things are not okay. I’m not talking about an all out whoopin’ or something that is truly abusive but when the power to discipline a child was restricted to just words, rather than with action, that’s when a lot of children began “not taking responsibility for their own behavior”! And I’m sure it’s more complex than that but again, a good ole swat on the fanny never hurt anybody.

    1. Karen, thanks so much for chimming in….you provide a momma’s perspective and bring wisdom of life. I would agree with your thoughts. I think its sad that somewhere we have decided that discipline is not an act of love. Discipline has always been for REDEMPTION not for ridicule.

  4. This post broke my heart, My soul aches for this generation. I have heard some of my own friends make light of a new life that has come into existance by “accident” (according to man, not God), and even joke about abortion. As you can probably tell by about 90% of my tweets, it’s a subject I feel passionately about…and “passionately” is the word I use for lack of a stronger one. I personally believe that one of the biggest problems with the youth today is ignorance…and part of it is our fault. Unfortunately a lot of Christians aren’t vocal enough when it comes to certain issues such as this. Which isn’t good considering the other side (media, secular society, etc.) is spewing out their lies and their culture-of-death mentality at a constant flow over the ears and minds of our youth. It has lulled our youth’s conscience and sense of personal responsibility to sleep.
    I think one of the keys to fixing this problem is simply talking one-on-one with people when you hear them make statements like the ones you heard them make, Mr. B. Often times the people making those kinds of statements haven’t had anyone challenge their stance, so an alternative way of thinking isn’t even something that has come to their mind. Bringing up, in the form of conversation, the Truth that combats the lies they’ve heard and have allowed themselves to adopt into their thinking will often get them to think.
    Yes, I know talking isn’t the only way to fix it, but it can sure help to knock on the door of the young person’s sleeping conscience. I also think that prayer is needed to bring about an awaking among today’s teenagers. Everything we see is a reflection of what is going on in the spiritual realm, and it’s going to take a spiritual solution to fix a spiritual problem.

    1. First of all….you have grown up…..I feel old….anyways. Beautiful words. I agree with your idea of creating a dialogue. Here is the deal…what do we dialogue about and how do we dialogue when we think we are right!?!?!

  5. Sometimes as parents we wonder if we get thru to our children. Ithink Dad and I did with you. I don’t know if you remember but Oct. 10 was Papa’s birthday.He would have been 98. Your Papa was gruffbut he taught us responsibilitywhich we past on to you and now you pass on to Eli. How awsome is that?!!!!! Dad and I are so proud of you. The greatest gift God gives us besides salvation,is children. We love you more than you know,but you will when you hold Eli in your arms!!!

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