Why I don’t like judgmental people…a poem

I am using this poem as a precursor to my upcoming, “Man Bag Monday.”

Consider it a teaser trailer!

I would give the context of this poem but authorial intent doesn’t matter right….

On Being Judgmental : A Poem

You stand with your eyes of fire
staring me down
pointing crooked fingers of perfection
at my lack of divinity
reminding me of all I am not
and all I will never be
your glare is ice upon the surface of my soul
its cool breeze causes me to question everything
my mind becomes a dark cellar
thoughts lost in the dust of forgotten days
forgotten dreams
repressed nightmares
and sins that were once locked away
Exposed in Darkness
Your reflection of righteousness
strips me of all my dignity
leaves me
I am forced to see myself through your eyes
through your ideals
through your grandiose nonsense
I cannot see you
because your superficial posture blocks out the light

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