Now I lay you down to sleep…

Have you ever seen those sweet scenes in movies where a parent is calmly rocking their child. There is a nice glow from the stars peeking through the windows and the light from the street lamps give a soft hue in to the room that casts a silhouette of the parent holding the child on the floor. While rocking the child there is soft, sweet music in the background that, combined with the tender sound of the parents voice, soothes the aching child into nights great slumber.

The scene is a SHAM..a FARSE…a flat out LIE!!!
Sorry I had to burst everyone’s bubble
Here is how the sleeping plays out in my world:
I’ll give you two examples:
1. Its late at night and time to go to sleep but like most babies Eli gets hungry. This should be an easy fix but its not. First Eli screams to tell us he is hungry. Then there is the whole process of preparing to feed Eli. Preparing then leads to trying to feed Eli but on many occasions in the middle of feeding he falls asleep. Literally goes limp just laying in one of our  arms. Now in a perfect world this would be cute but in my world it means Eli has to be fiddled with in order to wake him up. When fiddling does not work there is always trying to bounce him on your knee. Unfortunately once Eli really falls asleep he is gone.
Problem is he is not full
This means he will wake up within 30 mins and the process will be repeated.
and over
and over
deep into the night or rather into the morning….
2. If the sleeping pattern wasn’t fun enough there is another pattern that Eli seems to enjoy. I call this the scream until I get my way pattern. In this scene Eli will scream and cry until someone picks him up. Once we pick him up its takes at least 20 mins to just calm him down. Once he is calmed down he can then proceed to falling asleep. Falling asleep takes at least 20 mins. Once Eli is in sleepy town we put him into his bed only to have him begin screaming, perfectly on cue, the moment he is left in the bed.
Before Eli was born I asked a friend, who is a fellow blogger, ( if he had any words of wisdom. I was a little frusterated with his answer. He basically told me I should prepare myself for the lack of sleep. I thought I was prepared to lose sleep. I thought I had prepared myself for days of delirium and nights filled with droopy eyes and headaches from lack of sleep.
I was wrong!!!
The truth is…nothing on God’s green earth can prepare anyone for an infant. Infants are a great Titan like creature that look small and cute but has a set of lungs that can be heard through noise canceling headphones!
I keep hearing that one day he will sleep through the night….one day he wont scream so much….but for now….that one day is only a dream. A dream I am not aloud to have because Eli wont let me SLEEP!

4 thoughts on “Now I lay you down to sleep…

  1. Get the book Babywise. It worked magic with Sam and even though Nate is sleeping through the night sometimes, when he does wake up its usually at 3:30 and straight back to bed. People have problems with the “cry it out” method, but it worked for us. One time was all it took. Just my opinion…just in case you were wondering. 😉

    1. Well here is the craziness of it all, when we let him continue to cry he got sick and threw up. He is getting better. We have been trying to let him finish falling asleep in the crib. Thanks for the advise!

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