Blessings Come in Small Quarts!

I am not a mechanic. I am not mechanially inclined. I tend to break more things than I could ever fix. It is because of this sad fact of my existence that I am forced to rely on the knowledge of others to get things like my Ford Explorer fixed. About 6 months ago I went to a mechanic in town to get my breaks changed. While checking my breaks he informs me that there is some part that has to do with the steering mechanism that is was on its final miles of life and if I did not get it fix my car would break into tiny little pieces and then explode.

Okay maybe not that bad but it would break down.

So I told the guy to quote me. When I got the quote I had a decision to make….put food on the table or fix my truck. I chose food. Its a needed item in my house. So for the past 6 months I have barely driven my truck.I have suffered mechanical hypochondria thinking every little noise were the bells from Macbeth beckoning my Explorer to its doom! I have tried to not over work my poor vehicle because it was sick and needed fixing. Well yesterday I broke down and decided to get it fixed. With Christmas travel coming up Drea and I need the extra space my vehicle would provide. With sweat beading down my face and my heart beating fast I called the mechanic back and set up an appointment. (I am not sure if you make, “appointments,” with mechanics, but it works!) The mechanic very graciously told me to come in at 4.

Then I was told of a church member who is a mechanic and looking for work.

I decided that I would much rather make a church member rich than some random mechanic. (I am not sure if that is W.W.J.D. correct )

So I called the church member and took my Explorer to his house. As he looked over my vehicle I was prepared for the worst. He looked inside the engine and under the vehicle. He then proceeded to test the steering. His test, in my opinion, resembled a epic Greco-Roman wrestling match. After all the test he put less than a quart of fluid in my power steering and told me I was good to go. He explained to me that there was nothing wrong with my vehicle and that the other guy was just trying to make a buck.

At first I was a little hesitant. I asked him to run a computer scan and check the rest of the vehicle out. Come to find out all the issues I have been told I needed to fix, such as flushing my system out for good measure, are unneeded and useless. In fact my Explorer is apparently in great shape.

What’s the moral of the story. God blessed my family yesterday. This man in my church, whom I will send anyone to, saved me almost a thousand dollars by putting in less than a quart of fluid. I know I should be mad at the other mechanic but in reality I am thankful that through some dishonesty God has proven to me once again that He is the one who provides. He is the one who takes care. He is the one who brings Godly mechanics into the lives of those of us who think monkey wrenches should be left in the jungle.

One thought on “Blessings Come in Small Quarts!

  1. That’s excellent Josh. Now go to the other mechanics house and round house kick him :). This may not be W.W.J.D friendly either. 😉

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