Babies are Game Changers!

I would like to note that if enough people view this post I will hit a milestone in blogging….1000 hits! So if you are reading this you have helped me out and for that I am grateful.

So give yourself a pat on the back. I meant it…pat your back…there you go…..nice!

I have been thinking a lot lately, I know….dangerous…about how much of my life has changed since little ole Eli has entered into it. I have decided that over the next few post I am going to share my top five things that have changed.

5. The ability to finish a movie…..

Drea and I are movie buffs. Actually I am the movie buff and she has sadly adopted some of my bad habits. I could literally sit down and watch movies all day long and be a happy person. I even like watching the movies that were so bad they didnt make it to the, “big screen!” Its kind of like a bad smoking habit only my lungs are fine but if I keep it up too long it could still seriously affect my health.


So when I was told by all these parents that they have not seen a movie in a long time I laughed at them. I mean I seiously chuckled in my spriit. (This is where you insert a picture of me laughing like Jim Carey from Ace Ventura ) I just figured they were not as into movies as me, the KING of watching movies.

This may not be the face I made on the outside but its how I felt on the inside!

I should have read Proverbs 16:8 …..

Eli has this uncanny ability to interrupt every movie. He could be sound asleep. His sweet body is dead to the world while dreaming of things only a 3 month old could dream and then it is as if his brain gets a bat signal from the T.V. BOOM he is awake and needs something. I cant even hold him during a movie because he gets a little irritated when daddy doesn’t pay attention to him…ALL THE TIME!!!

Honestly I am not complaining. I would never watch a movie the rest of my life if that was the trade off of having my little, “Squirt,” in my life. He is by far more entertaining than any movie!

Just a final note of confession….since Eli was yanked out of Drea I HAVE actually seen one full movie in its entirety. Sadly, like a bad Greek tragedy, it wasn’t even a movie I wanted to see. In fact I tried to squirm my way out of seeing it but I asked Drea what SHE wanted to see and SHE didn’t get the HINT that I was just being a loving husband by even asking!

She chose the latest Twilight film which meant I got to watch a movie about a glittery fairy…I mean vampire…but that is life.

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