5 things my family taught me….

I am in a class in seminary called, “Interpersonal Relationship Skills.” I was asked recently in a discussion board to share the top five things my family taught me…..I decided to share them  here….enjoy…
Its hard to put my experiences in order but I will do my best. I will start from 5 and countdown to 1.
5. I learned that family sticks it out. My parents and surrounding family heavily influenced my belief that true families do not bail. I was taught that family will stick it out through the thick and the thin.
4. I learned that brothers can beat each other up but no one messes with my brother! I am the middle son of a family that did not allow their children to fight. So we fought when they could not see! I learned at a young age that I could be roaring made at my older brother but none of that matter when someone else made fun of him. I was the biggest brother out of the three and they affectionately called me, “fat man!” (I was only bigger because my brothers are both bean poles.) But I promise that if anyone mentioned I was big it would not have turned out pretty for the other person.
3. I learned to be a good father and husband I have to sacrifice. Looking back over my life I can not count how many times my dad gave up his own wants and dreams to be the best daddy and husband he could be. The most important time in my life I saw this was when my Dad sacrificed his business that he built from scratch, because I had been injured in a drunk driving accident and could not walk. (I was driving the car but the drunk driver hit me and a friend…just for clarity) My dad stayed home for months to take care of me and the family. He did this without asking for a metal or seeking any vain glory. He was just being a good, “Pops!”
2. I learned that a family that prays is unbreakable. I do not have enough space to on the page to share the countless times my parents led my brothers and me to pray and seek the Lord for counsel. I know that it is one of the reasons that I have such a strong faith in the power of prayer.
1. Its okay for your son to wear tights. I just turned some heads! When I was entering middle school I found a love for the theater. With that love came a commitment to sing, act and dance. With dance came tights. With tights came the ridicule and chastising from living in a small town in the south. But my parents didn’t care or they did a good job of acting like they didn’t care. I was allowed to express myself and figure out who I was even if it meant I took 8 hours of dance class a week. I would like to mention that I received the most ridicule from the church and can honestly say that if my parents had not urged, pushed and sometimes pleaded for me to go to church I may have left for good. Sadly one of the places that should embrace people the most made me feel pushed away. As a grown adult I still get snickers and laughter but I am reminded that my momma always taught me I am/was made uniquely by the hands of God and no matter what anyone else thinks he loves me…and she did as well!
So what did you learn from your family?

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