Touching Daddy’s Face

I wont lie. I love being a Dad. There are moments when I have absolutely no idea what to do and I feel like a complete imbecile. Sometimes I stare at my son and wonder why in the world God would ever trust me with something so precious. There are also moments that  words could never describe.

However I am going to attempt to share….

The other day Eli began to reach out for items that were in front of him. This was fun to watch. I would dangle a stuffed animal in front of him and his face would light up as he not only noticed the item but also realized he could grab it. After He grabbed the items he then attempted to eat them. This meant I had to be selective as to what I put in front of him because for Eli anything that touched his hands was potential food.


This has become a fun game between us. I dangle an object and Eli grabs it. He then attacks the object like Godzilla’s attacks a city. I smile, he smiles.

Fun times.

Then he noticed my face!

The other day Eli reached his small hands out and began to examine it. I can still feel his little digits grabbing at my skin. He would pull at my facial hair, lose his grip and then try again. Anyone walking by would think he was slapping me. I have warned Eli that he should not get used to slapping daddy in the face because one day  he will be grounded.

I’m not sure he got the message….

He stil slaps me

I dont think he is worried!

Im okay with it….for now!

I never knew a small child touching your face could mean so much. One time I was holding Eli up and he put both hands on my face. I told him I loved him. He smiled at me with those cute dimples God blessed him with it and I was suddenly in a different world.

As watered slowly leaked from my eyes I thanked God for His gracious gift.

I figure Eli doesn’t understand what I am saying. I figure he doesn’t understand  how much I love him. I figure he is just curious about this furry object in front of his face but for me….it means the world.

So do you have any similar stories? Any moments with your child that seemed to take you to another place?

Please feel free to share!

5 thoughts on “Touching Daddy’s Face

  1. When my first grand daughter was born, I would sit and simply stare at her all day. I felt such a bond with her, a bond that continues to exist today, almost 14 years later. The bond you are building with your son is one that will stand firm through the years. May God bless.

  2. When my first grand daughter was born, I would sit and gaze into her face. I have never known such love and continue to feel that way toward her.
    Your connection with your son will stand the test of time and while he may not ‘know’ what you say to him, he feels the love you have for him and that, my friend, is more important than any words you can speak.
    God bless

  3. Kandylynn has recently started telling me she loves me and giving me a hug without prompting. It has always made me feel so good for her to say it to me because I love her so much, but for her to now understand the meaning and to still show me that affection….it is an amazing feeling. My heart bursts every time I see that little blessing! I know that my cup runeth over now and I can’t imagine having two little girls to love so dearly, but I will know in a few short months!
    Cherish every moment. Children are amazing gifts!

  4. kids are a true blessing. Daughter in laws are very special and grandkids really show God at work combining the best of sons and daughter in laws.

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