“I Think I Got the Black Lung Pop!”

I know that I have not written on here in awhile. I have noticed as I have perused through the land of blogdom that many people apologize and give really good reasons for their absences in writing. Mine is simple. I have been finishing seminary which means I was/still am up to my neck in papers. I have just finished my final class and have a total of 8 papers to finish before the end of June. I am also a father, youth pastor and quite frankly a very adept procrastinator. All those things equal to a lack of time, ability…etc..to write.


I have noticed over the past seven months that little things bring me so much joy. Take for instance Eli’s new found joy in a fake cough.

Honestly its very cute……although for awhile I worried he was getting sick….then I felt bad that I thought a cough was cute…..then I got over it.

The cough is very faint. Its very soft. Eli’s little lips create this half smile during the event. Like I said, cute.

My wife and I are not sure where he got this new talent but he has perfected it into a sceience. At any given moment Eli will  begin to offer this faint, soft and what I like to call, “weenie,” cough.

At first the coughing seemed to come at random times. More recently I have noticed that Eli has specific times that he brings out his cough.

Like when we put him in his high chair. For some reason before and during feeding Eli’s cough appears. As soon as Eli is laid in the chair and buckled in the coughing starts.

For awhile I thought it was just a way he tried to get attention. Now I think he just enjoys making the sound. I am fairly sure he learned how to cough after he got his first kiddie cold a few months back. Since then, his mother and I have to pay close attention to make sure that Eli is not actually sick. Most days I sit and wait for Eli to look around for others to notice his painful situation and say…..

“I think I got BLACK LUNG POP!”

2 thoughts on ““I Think I Got the Black Lung Pop!”

  1. Enjoyed your post! I’m glad you are almost done with seminary. I’m sure you are very excited! Hang in there! And Eli coughing for no reason is so random..haha. Funny boy.

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