Leaving Comfort for a Calling

For those of you who do not know….


We are beginning a new life and ministry in Cincinnati, OH. We have left the comforts of established, “Church World,” for the unknown waters of Church Planting.

Here are some basic facts about what’s been going on: 

  1. I NEVER planned on being a Church Planter
  2. I have read 6 books on the subject (on church planting….I have actually have read many more books…book nerd!)
  3. We  took time before the move to visit church plants in Houston and saw the good, the bad and the …well…not so pretty.
  4. Before this week we had only been in Cincy for about 4 days total
  5. I am an OFFICIAL North American Mission Board Church Planting Apprentice (Say that 10 times fast)
  6. For the next year I will work with Velocity Church.
  7. I will also spend the next year building a core team and planning to launch a church
  8. We are NOT 100% on where we are going to plant but we do have a good idea!
  9. I am excited, scared, worried, fully assured and sometimes doubtful

Over the next few posts I am going to be sharing some of the craziness that has ensued during our move NORTH. For now I will leave y’all with this thought….

When I surrender to ministry I told God I would GO anywhere. The reality of HIS calling has begun to set in as I am surrounded by boxes in a 2 bedroom apartment in a city I barely know. I am excited to see what God has for my family but also scared.

I told God I would leave ,

I told God it didn’t matter where ,

but leaving COMFORT


is a bit overwhelming

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