Decorated Dust

I am normally not wrapped up in things. I try my best to be a good steward of what God has given me and to take care of HIS property that I am loaned.

I understand that everything I collect will either be given to someone else or will one day become DIRT.

Decorated DUST to be exact.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle when MY dust has been destroyed.

When we were making plans to move I decided to pay packers to load the trailer. I figured they would have a better sense of how to stack and load. I KNEW they wouldn’t care about my things but I figured they’d care about keeping a JOB.

I understand that in a move there is always a chance for things to be messed up. However I didn’t expect to see some of the things I did as we began to unpack our trailer.

As the whole of our lives began to be pulled out cubic foot by cubic foot it became apparent that our things were not packed carefully. WE found stacks that used to be three or four boxes smothered down to what appeared to be 1 1/2.  As the furniture was pulled we kept finding scratches, dents and marks all over the items.

I found a shadow box hand made by a dear friend shattered.

I was almost taken out by a mattress and book shelves that were only standing because of a few items in front of them.

The biggest loss was an entertainment cabinet. The packers stacked boxes on a few shelves  that broke at some point in the move. When the boxes broke through they took out one of the cabinets legs and as the song goes, “The walls came tumbling DOWN!”

It wasn’t a fancy cabinet. We purchased it from IKEA and put it together with our own skill and muscles.

It wasn’t going to fit in our apartment anyway….but it still was MINE and now its TRASH.

Just to clarify….I called the company…..its not THEIR fault.  Apparently its the TRUCKING COMPANY’S fault. They also told me if I could show before & after photos along with photos of how the trailer was packed they would consider what to do.

I asked to speak to the owner

He has NOT called me back.

Like I stated, I am not, “attached,” to material things that much but it was a hard to grasp that the few things in life I counted as valuable had been broken or bruised.

We will move on. We will endure

and YES

One day Ill just buy some more DECORATED DUST to replace and eventually be replaced.

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