Please…for the LOVE of God…SAY “PLEASE!!!”

I know that my child is well behaved. I am not saying that because I have some delusional preconditioned belief about my kid, I say that because other people tell me it’s true.

This doesn’t mean he is perfect.

This was really clear on Saturday night

For months now my sweet, dimpled face-filled child has said, “Peese!? (please)” when he wanted something. As a parent I had just assumed that he had already added the word to his vocabulary.

So you can imagine my surprise on Saturday when instead of, “peese,” I got….”No.”

I sat in disbelief. I figured it was a fluke, a minor slip of the brain cells.

I was wrong.

For over an hour, through crying, screaming, tantrums and many words besides, “please,” my wife and I tried our best to make him say that simple word we longed to hear.

No dice!

At one point I pulled out my, “daddy voice.”  In a moment of mental lapsed I thought,  “if I speak sternly to him he will listen and change his mind.” I figured he would hear my voice and decide to say the word.

He didn’t.

He cried.

I spoke slow & sternly (somehow I thought slowing it down would help it sink in more.)  He suddenly stopped. I asked him if he would say please. He looked at me, he cheeks red, eyes watery, mouth trembling. I thought he was broken

He said, “NO!”

I gave up. I didn’t give in. I told my bride I didn’t know what else to do. I wish I could tell everyone it’s been fixed but that would be a lie. We have been fighting this battle for a few days now and I am at a loss.

I know he’s little.

I know he minds really well. I am just tired of saying…

“Will you For the Love of God Please say PLEASE!!!”

Got any ideas? Solutions? Parental Wisdom…. leave a comment….fill out the poll….just let me know!

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