A little piece of Home …..

To say that it’s been hard to move to the Midwest would be an understatement. I am a homebody. We are very close to our family. For the longest time I sent out resumes close to family. My dad always jokes that God has an hour and a half radius that He can move us. God blew that one out the water. Honestly,  my mom is just glad we are not in California.


I still haven’t figured that one out.

Since moving I have realized how much we left behind. There are things that I would love to do that are just not possible any more.

I wish I could sit next to my family, eat a huge bowl of gumbo and scream and holler for my LSU tigers. As silly as it may sound to some, those moments hold a sweetness that is incomparable.

So instead I spend half the game on the phone with my Dad. Rejoicing, Complaining, and Strategizing.

I wish we could just run home for the weekend.

I wish our parents could see my precious son grow up before their eyes. Instead they get phone calls, instagram pics and Facebook uploads. Soon we will try video chatting but its not the same as when his grandparents get to pick him up in their arms, kiss his dimples and watch him run around the room.

With all these things I wish I could do, God has made a way to give my family a little piece of home out here in the Midwest.

There is a Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant less than 10 mins from our place.  This is a place we loved eating at in Houston.

Walking into the place on Sunday was almost like seeing the pearly gates. (No heresy intended)

The smell

The atmosphere

The room was covered in Bengal, Buckeye and Bearcat fans but we let that one slide.

I walked up to the hostess like a kid at Christmas shared how over joyed we were to be there.

It was o sooo goood!
It was o sooo goood!

We devoured a bowl of their jalapeño ranch sauce. (We ordered it first thing and the waitress remarked that we were NOT first timers. She was also a little worried because we had eaten at a Texas branch!) I ordered my favorite…..the “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” (Sp?!?)

We realized the hot sauce wasn’t hot because Eli was getting handfuls of it and shoving it into his mouth. It was more like watery tomato sauce.

My food wasn’t as spicy but was still good.

At the end of the meal I sincerely, honestly and without regret thanked God for the meal. With all the things we can’t do living where we are, it was just nice to find a place that can be…..

A little piece of home!

Have any of you moved away from home? What are some tips to making it through the tough times?

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