Bad Habits

Yesterday Steven, the pastor I am working with, took me across the city to see one of the largest churches in the US. I won’t lie it was pretty inside. However it wasn’t the church that affected me yesterday but a waitress we met at a cafe aptly called, “Habits.”

When we sat down to eat the lady who walked up to us looked like she could use a break. Time, money, life, something was weighing heavy on her. I noticed it but ignored it.

We ordered our food and proceeded to discuss church planting and all its wonder.

When our waitress returned to take our order I told her that my family had moved to the area and was looking for a place to live. I didn’t tell her I was a church planter or that we were looking to start a church about 15 minutes away. (Since moving I have been possibly annoying about telling people what we are doing. But yesterday I didn’t say a word.) She gave us her thoughts on the area and explained that she would love to live there if she could.

We ordered

I got a, “Big Easy,” style burger  which was a burger with some spicy sauce and grease.

We returned to our deep conversation.

Towards the end of the meal our waitress came back to settle up the checks. While talking with her, Steven mentioned that were going to check out the church down the street and asked if she had ever attended a service.

The air got cold

The conversation turned to ice

She said, “no,” but in a way that screamed there was baggage.

Then she walked away. When we left she pleasantly wished us a good day.

On the walk back to the truck Steven and I discussed how odd her response had been. I told Steven that if his church wasn’t so far away and if we had a Bible study or something I, “would,” have invited her to come.

The conversation was ministry mechanics. Discussions of how we could, would, should but without a  plan of action.

Yesterday I realized something.

In ministry we tend to adopt, “Habits,” that guide us and inform us of success and failure. The problem is that sometimes our, “Habits,” become so routine that we forget why we do them.

I can get so caught up on doing church that I forget to be the church. I forget that everywhere I go and everyone I meet is a mission a field. The mission doesn’t begin and end with a Sunday service or a midweek bible study.

Is it not time that we all look for moments everyday to be intentionally Gospel centered. Maybe we, as ministers, should uproot ourselves from our Mac products and offices and go out into the world, meet some people and create some new, Gospel-Focused, “Habits.”

So tell me, what’s the biggest obstacle keeping you form sharing your faith or even inviting someone to church?

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