Surviving the Candy Desert

I didn’t grow up in a family that went trick or treating. It wasn’t because of some deep religious sense. It was mainly because I lived in the middle of nowhere. We did go to the church’s fall festival. It was there I got enough sugar to have a Holy Ghost moment.

I don’t feel deprived. I don’t feel like my parents were abusive because I didn’t get to knock on doors for candy.

However, I was looking forward to last night.

Last night we took E for his first official night of trick or treating.  The plan was to meet up at the mall with some friends. They all have kids of varying ages.  We were all supposed to meet in the food court. The goal was to eat and then go get candy. That turned out to be a bad idea. So instead of eating at the mall, we decided to hit a few stores for some candy and then go eat.

As we began walking around it became clear that we were in a desert of candy.

It was covered in people. Lots of people.

There were lots of costumes. Some good, some bad. I did see a poorly dressed adult zombie dragging what used to be a little princess around by her royal arms.

E was Spiderman…..a good looking one I might add!

To say that we went trick or treating would do a disservice to the horrendous lines we experienced.

I was actually very thankful that my son had no idea what was going on. Sure he could say, “trick or treat,” but he had no preconceived dream of a bucket filled with glorious candy. This was good because he ended up with 3 pieces he could actually eat.

He was happy that he got a bag of popcorn and that his two new friends were there with him.

I was happy to leave and go eat dinner.

That was my Halloween experience.

So tell me….what was your’s Halloween like?


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