A Broughton, post-Christmas, “Christmas Vacation” re-cap

So many things happened over the past few weeks during my family’s trip back to the south. Listed below is a brief re-cap!

  1. We sat on a plane for 2 hours because the de-ice machine broke at the Dayton airport.
  2. During our 4 1/2 hour layover in Atlanta we met a wonderful couple. I got a chance to share my vision for our church to which one of them replied, “I could go to a church like that.” They probably were just being nice but it gave me a warm fuzzy.
  3. In span of 24 hours we received our first official support money and had a church decided to support us as well.
  4. Almost everyone in my family got the flu. There is a great debate over who infected everyone.
  5. I had a very strong conversation with a manger at Texas Roadhouse because my family, for the 2nd time, sat there for over a hour waiting for a table. (Revisionist history had me yelling at him. There was no yelling or raised voices. I did however speak clearly and with intent!)
  6. After being seated by the manager I had the awkward moment of telling him I am a pastor!
  7. For Christmas I got everything from socks to underwear to deodorant.
  8. I got to see my child play with his grandparents and the joy they bring each other.
  9. My wife and I realized how far we truly are from home. Landing in Dayton and driving home was actually painful.
  10. Of all the toys my son got for Christmas, his favorite toy is an old plastic horse he found that he has named, “Bacon.”

It was wonderful to go home and see family. It was also hard to leave. As a minister I knew in the back of my mind I could end up anywhere in the world. What I couldn’t prepare for was the pain the distance would cause. I know God has called us here. I know that to leave will be a willful act of disobedience to my King.

However…….it still hurts sometimes.

2 thoughts on “A Broughton, post-Christmas, “Christmas Vacation” re-cap

  1. Thanks for the updates. I am feeling the distance too my friend. For now I am seeing how things go the next few years. I may stay, especially if I meet someone. But in 2-3 years I may move back to Texas if I cant find good friends and can find a job there (or at least close by). Who knows. Blessings Josh. I will keep you in my prayers!

    ~ Daniel

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