My Top 10 Super Bowl Moments!

It’s Super Bowl week. I have been throwing Super Bowl parties since before they were cool.

I know….trend setter!74583676

This will be the first year in almost a decade I will not be watching the game surrounded by loud, screaming, giggling, sugar over dosing and caffeine filled teenagers.

Instead, my family will be chilling with some new friends.

In honor of my decades of being, “Too legit to quit!”  I decided to give a…

TOP 10 Super Bowl moments from my life…….

1. In an effort to be cool,we did a bonfire one year….I told the guy I wanted a BIG one…..he obliged and it was so hot that we could barely get close enough make s’mores or roast marshmallows.

2. Rocking a chocolate filled  fondue pot at one party……it gave the event some class!

3. When the Saints won I stood up and yelled, “WHO DAT,” ridiculously loud and preceded to rub it in all my students faces. (I was living in Texas at the time!)

4. Inviting some friends over to watch the game on my parents BIG screen. I was sad to find out they all came to watch the new X Files episode that came after the game.

5. Having a student get their car stuck in the EXACT spot I told them not to park!!! Apparently he thought his truck didn’t have to follow the rules!

6. Hosting a church-wide super bowl party….it was a youth event with some extra chaperons. It was a sad and epic fail.

7. A mother dropping off cupcakes with super bowl rings in them…..I think I ate 4-5 and hoarded the rings like they were my, “precious!”

8. Having a parent, who was a chaperon, ask me to stop their child from, “snuggling,” too close with their current, “love,” interest.                                                – Side note: The parent was sitting RIGHT BESIDE ME!!!!

9. Inviting all my friends, including my soon-to-be brother in-law, to watch the Super Bowl at my parents house the night of the great, “Wardrobe malfunction.”

10. Getting engaged the same night of the, “Wardrobe malfunction.” At least now I will NEVER forget when I got engaged!

So tell me…..what are some of your memorable moments from Super Bowls past?

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