Holy Chemo Batman…

So we had our first round of chemo last week. I, like Andrea, wanted to get through the firsscrp_0711_01_z2bnascar_grand_national_series2brace_carst couple of days before I sat down and wrote out my thoughts. I wish I could say that the day went off without a problem but I would be lying. Somehow we ended up leaving late for our appointment. The good thing is the center is very close to our house. However, there are an aggressive number of lights between here and there and people in this city do not know how to drive. I could tell by the tone in my bride’s voice that I needed to embrace my inner (insert a name of your favorite nascar driver….sadly…I don’t know any!). Needless to say I zipped in and out of traffic and got us there in a record time. I cannot promise that some laws were not broken but I can promise that no dogs or old ladies were hit in the process. For me, that’s a win.

As we entered the building it began to hit me. Our lives will be forever changed after today. We have no idea how Andrea will respond to the chemo and can only wait to see what kind of side affects we will have to face. It was an ominous thought. When we got to our door there were two ladies sitting at the desk. They checked us in and introduced us to our nurse, Amy. Amy showed us to our little private war room. The space where we would begin operation #eccommunicatescruffy. The place we were about wage war. It is a small little space but very quaint. The chair Andrea sat in was very nice and reclined, I got a small space beside her.

The nurse then began to describe all the myriad of reactions Andrea could possibly have to the chemo. It was like listening to one of those medicine commercials on t.v. It seemed like the list went on and on. At one point my ears perked up, the nurse said she may get really cold. I looked directly at Amy and informed her that sishutterstock_154291232de affect wouldn’t be too bad because Andrea keeps the house at -30 most of the time. It would be nice to watch t.v. without needing a parka. She also said Andrea could get the opposite….hotflashes. You may be asking which side effect she was blessed with, let’s just say, I keep a blanket close at all times. After the conversation about side effects, Andrea got plugged in. Seriously, the nurse took this weird shaped needle and plunged it directly into the port- o-cath. I suddenly had flashbacks to The Matrix. As they began administering the chemo, we sat back and waited for the time to pass.

We spent the day talking, listening to music and watching t.v. At times I would work. At times she would sleep. We were blessed with a wonderful nurse. Multiple times throughout the day she rolled her chair up to us and just talked. It was nice to not feel like a product, a patient, a part of the job. She made us feel special and cared for, I really liked that. Finally the last bag of drugs was empty and we headed home to await whatever response her body would have.

Over the past few days Andrea has done really well. We are already noticing that Scruffy is shrinking! She has been really tired, which is understandable because her body is at war right now. She hasn’t gotten really sick, which is a huge blessing. Unfortunately we have to take the days slow. If Andrea does too much she becomes very weak and more susceptible to getting sick, so we have found other ways to pass the time. We both love movies, so we have picked out a list of movie series and begun binge watching them. Currently we are going through the X-men series minus one of the Wolverine movies because Andrea can’t stand that movie. It brought a smile to my face when she said she refused to watch it. Upon her refusal, she gave her myriad of reasons why and called it the, “asian wolverine movie.” Normally, her list of grievances towards a movie would bother me, but not now. I merely smiled and thought to myself, “That’s my bride!”

All in all we are doing as well as could be expected. Tomorrow will be a tough day because we are officially cutting our hair off. No, I am not shaving my head. Andrea insisted it would not make things better. I agreed. Andrea has just decided it will be easier to cut it all off than to wake up in a few days with strands all over the bed. Watching it fall out would definitely be more traumatic then having our hairstylist cut it off. While no one wants to lose their hair, in reality it will be a good thing. As I keep telling Andrea, every round of chemo, every strand that is cut, is just a step closer to the salty air of the sea. While tomorrow we will morn the loss of hair, soon we will rejoice that Scruffy is no more. #looktowardsthesea

In case you didn’t see my declaration of war last Wednesday!


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