Taking out my Bride…

I will start this off by stating that we did actually get to go out and celebrate our anniversary. It was a lovely evening filled with all the trimmings one could hope for and a few things that just got in the way. As the afternoon began there was the now common discussion of wearing the wig. I am not sure if Andrea actually likes wearing the wig or if she feels that it is more important to not draw attention to ourselves as we venture out into public. There is this constant discussion about how its looks verses how she feels she looks. In my humble opinion, she looks great. I don’t think that I can convince her of that, nor am I able to give her the assurance that everyone around is isn’t thinking that she is trying hide her baldness.

Our first job was to drop off Eli. Friday night was the first time he has spent the night away with a non family member. Andrea was quite worried. I figured he could survive. I wasn’t too concerned because he went loaded down with his iPad and random assortment of toys. If all else failed, he would hide away and play Angry Birds. Red & Bomb could be his needed company for the evening.giphy3 After we dropped him off, we headed downtown.

It’s not easy to park downtown. There are not a lot of parking options at most places, so we had to park across the street in a parking garage. Being the keen driver that I am, I almost entered from the wrong direction. Upon fixing that error, we ascended through the twisty, cramped garage and found a safe place to leave our car.

Nada was wonderful. They did however, for the second time, lose our reservation. This was a bit annoying but because we were eating at the same time the Blue Hairs dine out, we were seated quickly.  Nada is a quaint little place that serves fun Mexican food with an upscale vibe. It’s not too upscaled because, let’s be honest, how swanky can tacos and enchiladas get. Andrea and I found it right after moving to Cincy and it has been a place we like to go and retreat on dates. As we sat down to eat, I looked across at my bride and for the first time in months, I took a breath. It felt like we were doing something normal. It felt good to just be out. It felt good to be celebrating.

I ate way too much. Over the past year, Andrea and I have been working hard on getting into shape. My weight is something I struggle with a lot. It has created in me a very poor self image and I constantly battle with my self-esteem. This may come as a shock to many people but it’s true. Since Scruffy entered our lives, I have done a very poor job of eating well. I’ve done a worse job of working out. I just stopped. For a brief moment, I have lost all motivation. I know that’s ironic because we are battling Scruffy and I should have an uber desire to get fit but it’s been the opposite for me. It’s my fault and it’s something I am trying to get a grip on. I am quite sure I have gained weight and for a moment on Friday night, I felt guilty about eating so much. On the other hand, I didn’t care. With every chip I dipped, we kept talking. With every bite of food, we were back to being us again. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to enjoy this brief respite from the cold reality of cancer, so I ate. I ate a lot and it was so good.

After dinner, we walked to Luminocity. It was a nice stroll through downtown Cincy. It was definitely needed after the mass consumption and I was nestling a sweet little food baby. While cute, it needed to be walked off. The show was great. IMG_0573It was an interesting combination of symphony music enhanced by laser lights. I personally love symphonic music and the laser images added to the experience. However, there were a few frustrating moments. During one of the songs, the projections on the screen were a myriad of bubbles floating around. As they morphed from water into a more metallic looking orb, the lady in front of me began to add social commentary to the event. She leaned over to every person around her and exclaimed, “Look, those are Pokeballs.” I get it, finding Pokemon is a big deal. But in that moment, my mind suddenly left the serene state it was in and began wondering if I should drop some incense and find some rare creatures. I opted not to.

Right about the time my creative juices were finding there zen again, I heard a lady behind me trying to find her seat. Upon sitting down, she spoke with gusto and then tried to quietly open her soda. It didnt work. While strings were creating beautiful imagery in my head, I heard the loud, obnoxious, “spzzz” of a soda being opened. While I am not the classiest guy in the world, I felt there was a better time and place to grab a pop. Ironically, about 3 minutes after the great crescendo of fizz, the show was over. I didn’t look to see if the lady had consumed her whole beverage. I do hope she enjoyed the refreshment and that her thirst was quenched.

When the show ended we headed to the B&B. We stayed at a place that was an old renovated church. I decided it would be prudent to show my bride that she married a rich man (har, has ), so I drop them dollar bills and sprung for the suite.IMG_0580 It was a cute room with interesting wallpaper. It also had a nice jacuzzi tub. Once we took a moment to unpack, we decided a nice soak would be on the menu. Upon examining the tub, we noticed the instructions. They were long and scary. You couldn’t fill the tub too little because it would burn the jets, you couldn’t overfill the tub because it would leak bellow and ruin the ceilings and you couldn’t add bubbles or bath salts. I hate reading stuff like that because my mind went wild with scenarios of flooding the building and us catching on fire from the jets exploding. At least then we both would be bald! However, we decided to tempt fate and soak a bit.

I turned the water on and let my bride be the temperature gauge. I tend to like it so hot your skin begins to bubble and turn red, she does not. We noticed as the water was filling, it had a yellowish color. I chalked it up to the lighting that was above us. I’m not sure I was right. Then we noticed small objects floating in the water. That did it for us. We quickly decided we didn’t need a soak that bad.

While draining the water, I noticed that in front of the jacuzzi was a large curtain. Being the curious person that I am, I pulled them back and noticed that it was hiding a huge stain glass picture of Jesus. Now I love Jesus and believe He is omnipresent but I got a little icky feeling knowing that he could have seen me soaking in the tub. IMG_0578However, I figured it was alright and he would approve. After all, we’ve been married for 12yrs now. He has seen more of my naked body than I care to think about. Thank God for grace.

The rest of the evening was a pleasure. I have found that Scruffy has given me a new appreciation for intimacy. Sitting next to my bride while she leans against me has a much sweeter feel these days. Kissing her head, which I have done for years, contains a greater weight to it because I know she is still here. Scruffy may have scared me into being more touchy-feely because I can’t get enough of having her by my side. We spent out time just enjoying each others presence. We ended the evening watching a silly movie as we both drifted off to sleep.

In the morning we packed up and headed down stairs for breakfast. The owner of the establishment had a very nice table ready for us with brewed coffee, coffee cakes and some fruit. For the main dish we were served a cornhash casserole. It was pretty good. I am more of a bacon and eggs guy but it was a nice experience. The lady who runs the place talked to us for most of the meal. She was very nice and entertained us with stories of previous guest and her life up till now. She asked the usual questions, one of which was how long we have been married. She almost looked shocked at the answer. It’s always fun to tell people how long we have been married. Most people are amazed that my bride and I have been together for 12 years and that we got married so young. giphy5I am quick to remind people that I couldn’t wait too long. Once Andrea realized how much work she would have to put in to make me a worthwhile husband, she would have turned me in for a better model. She probably should still consider it!

We ended out getaway going to see the new Jason Bourne movie. The outing was a great success and a much needed night off. I am so thankful for our friends who took the time to watch Eli, who did survive. They gave us a chance to be alone and to just be us. They gave us a moment to rejoice over the long road of marriage we have already journeyed. They gave us a moment to put aside the pain and frustration from Ole Scruffy. We laughed, we cried, we dreamed about the future but most of all we were just together. It’s moments like this weekend that give us energy to keep fighting and help us keep our eyes forward as we #LookTowardstheSea.

Any funny, weird or memorable moments from an anniversary or date you’d like to share? Please comment below and let’s laugh, cry and rejoice together!

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