I took her to the beach…

A few weeks ago I asked Andrea if she would like to travel over Labor Day weekend. I figured it would be a good time to get away. The truth is, even though we are nearing our journey through chemo, the road to recovery will take over a year. I was a little nervous to get away. I tend to be a worrier, and taking my wife across the country, while undergoing chemotherapy, sends my worry-dar into overdrive. However, I am glad we made the decision to go.

We found out on Tuesday that we have surgery and radiation in front of us. We were also told that radiation will include daily visits to the hospital. Yes, you read that correctly, daily visits. This will most likely take six weeks after her initial surgery. Anyone good at math could have already realized, that means we will be visiting doctors and hospitals all around the holidays. There is a strong chance that, after labor day and the cutting out of Scruffy, we won’t see our families or even have the freedom to travel.

So, on Wednesday we headed to the beach. My parents own a condo in Destin, FL, which means, if we can get there, it doesn’t cost us anything to stay. We drove halfway the first night and stopped in Alabama. The hotel provided a nice place to lay our heads and get ready for the final leg of the trip. As I was heading to bed, I anxiously watched the weather. I had to make sure that tropical storm Hermine wasn’t up to no good.

When we left on Thursday morning, we were taking a gamble. There was a chance that we could get to Destin and spend the whole time staring out the windows. We also could have spent the time in the dark from the power being out. To us, it was worth the risk. We were pleased to find out that people care a lot about us. The whole day we were inundated with text messages. People were scared that the Broughton’s might float away. Well, at least my bride and son. I am sure if I floated away, people would simply make a cross symbol with their hands, point to the sky and move on. (j.k.)

IMG_0695We when we got to Destin it was raining. It continued to rain for a few hours. However, that was it. I took Eli down to the beach for a little bit while my bride took a nap. We played in the sand, chased birds, searched for shells, and splashed in the ocean.  Eli ran, giggled and threw sand at me the whole time, it was quite fun.

Hermine ended up taking a path that was further east, so we were in the clear. We went to bed not knowing if the weather would get worse, but it did not. It’s been beautiful today and the family has already spent some time at the pool. I am finding these days that it’s moments like these that make this journey a little easier. It gives us as nice respite, as we continue kicking Ole Scruffy to curb and #LookTowardstheSea

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