Donald Trump is a Hologram

I am very reluctant to share my opinions on things. The way I am geared as a human being has me worshiping people over my own ideas, thoughts, opinions and even emotions. I realized through a series of events over the past few months, well mainly over the past week, that I have to evacuate this fear from my life. If I don’t, I will end up angry, frustrated, and irate at myself. So, here goes. As I continue to blog about my wife’s battle with cancer, I am also going to begin truly sharing my thoughts and ideas. You, the reader, may have issues with them, and I welcome comments, counterpoints, and discussions. All I ask is for is civility.

sourceAs I have watched the political race from the very beginning, I find myself confused, angry, frustrated, and depressed. However, if we were honest with ourselves, what we are seeing play out in front of our eyes is exactly what our society wants. We may not express it. We may even deny it. But it is who we are, and what we want.

Donald Trump is the holographic image of what we think we want in a candidate. We think we want raw, honest, and unpolished statements. We have been bred to want these things through the ugliness that streams across our faces through reality t.v., social media feeds, and viral videos. Our country has been crying out for a politician to be real, and then we get Trump.

When we hear the vile words of Donal Trump, we stand in one accord and scream out against his misogyny. We cry out with loud voices that this man is wrong. His actions are unacceptable, and we will not stand for that kind of attitude. Objectively, we are absolutely right. Honestly, many of us are hypocrites.

While many of us will stand in righteous defiance of the attitude, actions, and language of Donald Trump, we still fill our minds with images from the myriad of, “reality,” shows, movies and t.v. shows that place people in hyper-sexualized, and overly aggressive situations. By doing this, we can watch them demoralize humanity by pretending to be real. These shows and a  lot more make women into sex objects and glorify aggressive violence. What do we do, cheer them on; we make excuses for the sex and violence by calling it art. We sit on our couches and watch these images with vigor, drooling over the naked bodies, and raising our hands in praise when someone gets slapped in the face.

Our society now glorifies the use of our cell phones to produce our own personal porn films. I have been saddened by the statistics that are coming out about young men, boys really, and young girls, who are sending private, intimate pictures of themselves to each other. Dating apps have become a place for men to meet women through the grand romantic gesture of showing off their man-parts. Is that not misogyny? Is that not a form sexual misconduct?  We have so demoralized the beauty of intimacy that we can’t seem to meet people without assuming they want to see us naked. We, as a society, do this, and still get mad at Donald Trump for being the very expression of how we choose to live our lives.

I will openly state that I stand in the gap with the hypocrites. While I am intentional about the kinds of movies I watch, and what types of images, language, and content I will digest. I still am part of a system that has perpetually exonerated violence and sex for the sake of entertainment.  I am not without excuse or culpability. I just want to be honest with myself. As I watched the debates and listen closely to what each candidate is saying, I kept thinking that we are the problem. We have encouraged the creation of such a vile scene because it is what we want to see.

giphyNow, I am not a Trump fan. What he said, did and continues to say, and do, is a whole bucket of wrong. I am also not stupid. If we are going to begin judging politicians by an objective moral ascent, then we must push the reset button. Most politicians are corrupt and many of them wear the misogyny badge well. The difference, they are smart enough to keep it hidden or pay to make it magically go away.   I never considered joining the Trump train. I realized it was heading for a bridge covered in dynamite. I thought it would hit the bridge during the primaries. Sadly, I was very wrong. If it did hit the bridge, somehow it narrowly got across as the smoke was billowing, and splintered wood was ejected into the air.  I see the issues with Hilary and will share my thoughts on her in another post. But for now, I just wanted to share some thoughts on Trump. We don’t like him, but he is the projected hologram of what our society has been crying out to see. Sadly, many times when we get what we want, it’s a bit too ugly for our own good and causes many of us to take a,”Bigly,” pause.

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